How my kids learned a new bad word…

February 23, 2012

in My Kids

Not winning any parenting awards – each night my second grader has to read. We are supposed to listen to him read about 2 nights a week, but sometimes we make him read to the dog (she’s deaf) or to Cheech. Well, hubby gave the boy the Car and Driver to read – because hearing about Lego guys was boring and it was his turn to listen.

The boy was reading and it said something like, “The brand new Volkswagon Passat is damn near the best car…..” and we both stopped him (guess I was listening too) – maybe this isn’t the magazine to read. Then he found out that it was a bad word.

The boy: What is damn a bad word?
Chee said: Yeah what’s damn even mean?

UGH! I was like nevermind it’s bad don’t say it. Then he got a devotional book and up came the word hate. Instead of saying it he spelled “H-A-T-E” because that word he knew and knew it wasn’t nice. Yep, damn he didn’t know, but hate – he knew it was bad.

How sweet and innocent, but now he knows the other one too. :/

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