What’s worse than 1998 Furby? 2012 Furby!

August 24, 2012

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Oh my gosh, ya’ll. I’m not kidding when I tell you that my mom saved some “collectible” Furby toys from 1998 and then gave them to my kids this summer. I guess she thought, “Wow my kids were in college in 1998 and missed out on the young kid Furby experience” or something because when I came to pick the kids up they each had two Furby toys wildly yapping away in their arms. They had an adult Furby and then son of Furby.

The four hour car ride home was pretty much torture as those bleeping toys wouldn’t be quiet! When we got home I instructed them to go put them in “time out” because that’s the only way we could get them to sleep. Noses to the corner became the best way to store Furby. I would walk into their bedrooms and see Furby in “time-out” and giggle. Furby would occasionally wake up and start talking and the kids would play with them until one day when I heard an eerie noise coming from upstairs.

I walked upstairs at 11pm one night to see what that sound was. You know that feeling – the electronic toy just randomnly starts up and you’re a little scared but still it’s ok because it’s just a toy (or is it??) feeling. I found the noise coming from my daughter’s toy box and after locating the source it was our good old pal 1998 Furby. He was dying. The sound of a Furby dying is an electric high pitched sound accompanied with the smell of electrical burn. Good times. I took his batteries out and left him on the kitchen table so I could explain what happened to my kids. They smelled the fried Furby when they got to the table the next morning and insisted that I “fix him or throw him away” as I waxed on about gears and fires. Ultimately he was tossed into the trash can while my husband let out a sign of relief. A similar fate happened to another one a few weeks later.

I don’t recall where the other two went and I can’t find them in my house!! I think they ran away, mated, and gave birth to a new 2012 modernized Furby. That has to be what happened because you need to go read this review of 2012 Furby. It sounds like our missing 1998 Furby toys perhaps had babies with some rebel FIJIT toy to produce the new 2012 Furby. Let’s see if this equation works…


That math looks right. I’m sorry that my mom’s collecting and our subsequent losing of Furby toys seems to have populated the world with these new ones. Reading that review I am scared to go to Target anytime after September 16th.


Edit: I’ve been told that there’s an app for that. Seriously, you can feed Furby from an App, or translate his Furbish. Wow, they think of everything huh? Video of 2012 Furby in action

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Kate in Michigan August 24, 2012 at 3:03 PM

Holy mother of Seamus! That is the embodiment of eeeevil. Ugh.

Now if only Furbies would mate with Cabbage Patch dolls. Muahaaahaaaahaaaa…


Leslie August 24, 2012 at 4:04 PM

My SIL gave my daughter one she found still in the box, although pretty rough looking, at a garage sale. Oh, the treasure! That thing creeped us out during our 90min drive home. It made its way to goodwill one day :)
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