Veet review: It removes hair, dignity and self respect…but this guy sure makes us laugh about it!

September 4, 2012

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*warning, if you’re easily offended you may want to skip this post. To do a brief overview: a man put some hair removal gel in his private sector. He then described the next few minutes of his life in hilarious detail. 

Oh my gosh, y’all – have you ever read the reviews on Amazon and thought to yourself that you could write a better one that actually explained what the product was like? Maybe you have done some of your own.

I’ve seen some nerdy reviews, “The extra deleted scene of the Star Wars trilogy was left out of the extended edition” and thought who cares!! I’ve read some crappy reviews, “it was good” and thought that a chimpanzee could randomly hit a keyboard and produce a better review. I’ve ever read a few where I figure the company is paying for good things to be said about it, “The is the best product ever, pay no attention to all the other 1 star reviews”.
But this review, well, this veet review takes the cake! Well, maybe not the cake – it takes the ice cream.

Today the award of Best Customer Review Ever goes to this veet review! Oh this poor man has such a use of words that I imagine he’s a writer! He has to be hilarious in real life. I imagine Phil from Modern Family could re-tell this story and have me in stitches. Then again this review pretty much did that with nothing but my imagination as a visual (which is totally for the best in this case, am I right?)

Poor, poor man. I sure hope he tossed that ice cream before his kids went looking for a snack! I think I’d be scarred for life whether I was the wife, the man, or the kids. As a random internet reader I’m a little scarred having read it, but here I am sharing so you can be scarred too….I mean can laugh your butt off, afterall – you may never look at brussel sprouts the same again.

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Cheryl Boyce September 5, 2012 at 1:55 PM

Tooooo funny!!! I’m at work reading this and had only made it part way through when the phone rang. I’m not sure how I controlled the giggles!!!


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