Product Review: Marquee Candles

March 11, 2013

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Today we’re doing a product review of another candle company with a surprise inside: Marquee Candles!

Marquee Candles

Many of you know I have a tiny obsession with the whole Candles with a prize inside trend. When someone takes two of my favorite things (candles and jewelry) and adds in a mystery then I am hooked!! I love a treasure hunt and I love the Diamond Candles, Hidden Treasure Candles, and even the Jewelry Candles. I just heard about this new candle and couldn’t wait to try them out!

What sets Marquee Candles apart from the rest is that you will receive a mystery jewelry item (ring, necklace, earrings) that is real! Natural gemstones and either sterling silver or gold. That means if you get a ring you like that you can get it sized!! I think it’s very cool that the item inside is real jewelry!

Marquee Candles

I was so intrigued that I decided to buy a candle of my own to do a product review on it. The candle came packaged in a USPS mail box with bubble-wrap around a candle packed in black crinkle paper. The candle and packaging inside are very elegant and sets the tone for the higher end candle experience. The glass the candle comes in is a stemless wine glass so it’s pretty neat that you can use it after the candle is finished to drink out of. It feels delicate at the top (similar to a normal wine glass), so I’m not planning to let my kids use this glass.

The candle I ordered was Vanilla Bean and it smells so good! Vanilla is my favorite scent for bath and body products and this candle is amazing!! The candle itself is  12 oz. soy with a burn time of 90 to 115 hours. Each Marquee Candle has a guaranteed minimum prize value of $40. All of their jewelry has either a real Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby or Sapphire. all natural – no lab creations.

Chee and I worked together to get our prize out of the candle in this video. You can see the photo of our prize below the video.


Here’s our earrings! Thanks Marquee Candles!

Marquee Candles

valueThese candles do run a little more than the other jewelry inside candles. Right now they’re $54.95 with $5 shipping. We got free shipping by buying the candle snuffer (which I think they do that promo quite often). It’s true that it’s double the cost of the other candles, but you are guarenteed to get a real piece of jewelry inside. I guess you can decide which you’d prefer. I am happy to know if I got a ring that it could be resized. You can’t say that about many of the others.

The jewelry we pulled out was a pair of Sapphire Earrings! We went onto Marquee Candles facebook page and typed in the serial number that came with the earrings and I found out that they’re 1.10 ct, genuine sapphire, and .925 silver! You can click on the photo to the right to make it larger and to see what stats come with the jewelry.



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Amber Rist March 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM

I really shouldn’t have read this because now I want to try this candle company! I didn’t know I could use the glass as a wine glass afterwards, that’s really neat! I think you should take the earrings into somewhere that does jewelry appraisals and see if it really equates to the 100 dollar value ;)


crazyriki March 11, 2013 at 3:43 PM

oh! Good idea! The only thing is, where would that be? A pawn shop? Because I asked my local Kay Jewelry place about a ring I got out of a Diamond Candle and they were all, “Oh from a Candle? That can’t be real” and laughed and made me feel like an idiot. I only go there now to get my wedding ring checked, they’re kind of jerks.


Amber Rist March 12, 2013 at 1:33 AM

yeah I bet a pawn shop would be nicer, you’re right! or maybe even a different Jewelry place. worth a shot, because I’m curious. how can they make any money doing that ?? :)


Danielle January 16, 2014 at 7:46 PM

Out of all different jewelry candles you have tried which do you like best? I want to get some of these but dont know which to try.


crazyriki January 19, 2014 at 2:12 PM

Honestly I love all of them for different reasons – well the ones I liked the most were Marquee but they’re so expensive so for frugal reasons I enjoyed both Diamond Candles and Hidden Treasures.
Almost all DC’s are costume jewelry. Necklaces out of HT are mostly too, but some real and it will fit as necklaces are more universal.
Good luck and let me know what you decide.
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Candle Shopper March 15, 2014 at 12:32 PM

Is this company still in business? Every Candle is sold out and there hasn’t been a contest in 8 months. Thank you for your time.


crazyriki March 18, 2014 at 1:42 PM

I was wondering the same the other day. I had wanted to buy one for my birthday but I don’t see the facebook page anymore.


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