The boy’s 9th Birthday Cake – The Minecraft Cake!

March 3, 2013

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My son is obsessed with Minecraft.

I hear kids around his age up to upper teens are all obsessed right now. Despite the obsession I had a hard time planning his birthday theme because there’s no goodie-bag Minecraft toys, no Minecraft plates, in fact there’s not much Minecraft stuff out there to buy period.

That said, I looked around and found some ideas for his Minecraft cake, but none were what he wanted. Finally I just asked him what he wanted and this came out.

Minecraft Cake

 It was not a super fancy cake, but he loved it so much! The first thing I did was make some fondant Minecraft guys.

I made Steve, a Pig, and a Creeper. I had nothing to go by except some images I found online and of course his Kindle Fire has the game so he was playing it and stopping to show me the characters as I was playing with the fondant.

He expressed that the cake needed to be a cookie cake (IE, a big cookie) and it must be square. Luckily my mom bought me a square cake pan a few years ago, so the cookies were baked and then stacked to look like Minecraft land (with a layer of “dirt” in the middle or light brown icing as that tastes much better than dirt).

We topped the cake with light green “grass” and put dark green “grass” around the edges with Wilton’s grass tip.

I placed Steve, the Pig, and the Creeper on the bottom of the cake and then wrote Happy Birthday in block letters with Creeper faces in the A’s in the spelling. I don’t know why the Creeper is on blocks. I had intention of filling them in with a color, but I was told the weird web looked good. Since it was his cake I left the web Creeper bottom part on.

My son’s name was on the cake too, but I removed it for these photos using software. The boy was super pleased and all of his friends were shouting, “I want to eat the Creeper, I want to eat the Pig’s head” and stuff like that. This was not my favorite cake, but based on the reaction of the target audience, it was spot on!

Minecraft Cake


I made a creeper face cookie on a stick. I had intentions of making a lot of them, but I only made two. Cookies on a stick aren’t my area of expertise at all!

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Samantha Baker March 3, 2013 at 1:25 AM

I think you cake is awesome! I am 25 and I love to play Minecraft with my friends. It is actually a neat game since I appeals to such a large audience from young to old. I would suggest the next time you are looking for some unique party supplies that you check out etsy. They also have Creeper Peeps on ThinkGeek!


crazyriki March 4, 2013 at 11:05 AM

You got me!!! Maybe you didn’t realize it but when you click on those creeper peeps and try to buy them it says, “April Fools!” It’s a little early, but well played. :)
crazyriki recently posted..The boy’s 9th Birthday Cake – The Minecraft Cake!My Profile


Lisa Garner March 3, 2013 at 10:01 PM

Thanks for the great ideas!! My son’s turning 10 in 2 weeks and loves Minecraft and has been begging for a Minecraft cake.


crazyriki March 4, 2013 at 11:06 AM

I hear Etsy may have stuff, but really just creating (or crafting as my son would call it) your own may be best. A creeper face goes a long way. :)
crazyriki recently posted..The boy’s 9th Birthday Cake – The Minecraft Cake!My Profile


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