Happy Birthday to my baby girl! (Thanks for the cupcake)

February 10, 2012

in My Kids

I can’t believe that Cheech is 6. I wanted to share a few photos from last night. Also I wanted to say thanks to you guys for voting for her and thanks to Mommy Shorts and Crumbs bakery for making her birthday that much “sweeter” (sorry for that little pun). She was bragging to everyone that she was getting a big cupcake from New York. I’m glad it arrived in time and she had her brother, best friend, mommy, daddy, and her neighbor friends over to help her eat it.

I asked her to let me do a new smash photo for you but she wasn’t really excited about it. So I dabbed a tiny bit on her nose and she laughed. Funny how 5 years makes the difference there.

I’m pretty sure my husband wants another one soon. He was going on and on about how moist the cupcake was and I was laughing at him (at first), and then I was like woah back there a bit you know that I also make cakes sometimes. The great compliment they received was that nothing I ever made was as good as the Crumbs one. So I guess the insult to me is a compliment to them.

Chee wanted to make a video to say thanks, but then she wanted to make another. Sorry but they were both cute (to me anyway) so I posted both. I maybe should have made 2 different ones to click and watch two.¬†Looking back maybe it’s weird to have¬†edited them together. Oh well.

I told you she was obsessed with Monster High. I just had candles and stuff I was going to put on top, but her MH cupcakes looked cute against the big cupcake and she decided that 3 of her dolls had to be around it too. It worked out ok.

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Mommy Shorts February 17, 2012 at 10:24 AM

I love the video and the shout-outs from Cheech! What a character you’ve got there. That look at the end is awesome. Glad you liked your cupcake. Cheech earned it!


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