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May 16, 2012

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I was asked to review a book by Dustin Maher called Fit Moms for Life. It’s a book about a lifestyle change that includes diet and exercise for mostly moms.
It has a lot of success stories. I really was into reading them at first, but there are so many and I guess it’s so each reader can find at least one to identify with, but I ended up skipping some towards the end to get to the actual plan in the book.

I was impressed that a fitness leader would state this sentence, “There are a lot of people in the world who maintain a healthy body weight by doing minimal exercise, such as walking daily, because they pay close attention to what they eat.” Wow. It also went on to state that you can work out til the cows come home, but if you’re eating poorly then you won’t see quite the results than if you were eating healthy!

I knew that walking was a great starter exercise, but I was glad to hear that I don’t have to kill myself at the gym to get results. Reading the nutrition section there weren’t many surprises. I have been learning about nutrition off and on for years. I really was pleased to see one fact that I had somehow (over the years) managed to miss – when you’re eating always combine a carb food with something from the healthy fats or proteins. You want to keep your blood sugar levels steady, the constant highs and lows make people hyper then sluggish – keeping the levels fairly consistent really helps. Words to live by, I think. I have been giving the kids strawberries and blueberries in the mornings, but now I’ve been adding a string cheese to that to see if maybe it helps them not crash or be tired. So far so good, they’ve said that they’re staying full longer at school. Dustin for the win, thanks for that super great nugget of knowledge!!

I was not shocked to hear he recommends Stevia as the sugar-alternative as opposed to Splenda. Splenda is chemically and Stevia is more natural. I think I’d rather my body have natural any day of the week. Too bad I just bought a huge bag of Splenda at Sam’s Club last week. Next time I have to re-up I’ll get Stevia for sure.

He talks about meal planning so that you aren’t stressed at the last minute and going for the crappy foods. He advises to cook in larger quantities and freeze some for later use. That way you’re not always in the kitchen every day and some days you can grab something that’s quick. It’ll be quick then because you spent time making it at an earlier time. I have to find out what will freeze well and what doesn’t.

Of course going out to eat is difficult and he advises (like every other health-conscience person I know) to avoid going out to eat much. I know it stinks because it’s so much fun to go have someone make food for you, right? Well, you can go and pick lean meats and veggies, skip the bread or chips, stick to the main course, don’t go crazy on portion sizes, and be sure to let them know how you want your food cooked. If you don’t want your food cooked in fat or oil, ask for it to be steamed. Obviously you’re not going to McDonald’s or somewhere to get that done, they’re talking sit-down places. Also a helpful mom hint – don’t clean your kids plates! Seriously you could eat 300-500 extra calories eating the little bit they leave at each meal. Bag that stuff up and save it for later, but eating it so it doesn’t waste will go to your waist. He didn’t say that pun, sadly that gem was all me. (waste, waist? Yeah I am a goober).

He reminds us that you have a 45 minute window when your muscles are up to 400% more receptive than usual for sugar and protein. Be sure to give your muscles some fuel after a workout!

You know what there’s so much more info in the book that I could go on and on or I could hush up and let you try to win a copy for yourself! The form below has links so you can visit his sites and learn more or order your own book. This giveaway lasts a week, so hurry up and enter to win today!!


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Stacie May 31, 2012 at 1:04 AM

Thanks so much for this giveaway! I was to excited to hear that I had won. I just gotten book a couple of days ago, and I can’t wait to start reading it.


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