Do your kids get sick every time they go to Chuck E Cheese or a Bouncy Place?

January 6, 2012

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Cheech was a pretty sickly baby. She has acid reflux (GERD) and it presents with asthmatic qualities. I have always said she has asthma, but the doctors always correct me and say that she’s never been diagnosed, because she doesn’t have what they call normal asthma. When she gets sick she always gets it in her chest. Seriously, she can have an ear infection and it will almost always lead to Bronchitis or Pneumonia. Well, I kept thinking she’d outgrow it. I kept hearing she’d outgrow it. But well, here we are one week after a trip to a bouncy house place for her best friend’s birthday and has a 102.5 fever this morning. We’re about the head to the doctor (appointment is made and we’re dressed), but it got me wondering – do regular kids get sick everytime they go to one of these “fun” places?

We go to Chuck E Cheese each year for her birthday. I hate that place. Not the actual place, it’s quite fun, but I hate the germs. I know that her birthday visit will result in pneumonia or something similar in about a week. It doesn’t matter how much antibacterial stuff I put on the table, the games before she plays them, etc. You know what does happen? I’ll turn my head for one second and her mouth will be on some awful disease ridden surface. That small merry-go-round was last year’s target. Seriously, she was riding it and thought why not put my mouth on the large pole. Ugh. Then like clockwork it was her birthday party weekend and I had to postpone it because of the pneumonia.

Her party was at the bouncy place last year. I don’t recall if she got sick or if she was on enough meds to prevent it, but one quick look at some receipts and I’m sure I could figure it out.

I let her go to the bounce party with her best friend because she’s a kid. I know I can’t keep her from her life. I just want to know when this will end! When will she be able to go to one of these places and not get sick about a week later. Any ideas? Thoughts? She’s 1 month away from being 6 and I swear I thought we’d be past this already. While I’m very thankful she’s not been on steriods as much the last year and a half as she had been up until that point, I’m just so over this and I know she is too.

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