Amazon Prime – free trial or 1 year free for students.

August 27, 2010

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SO you know I love getting gift cards from Swagbucks. Today I’m up to $75 or so. My son is saving up for a Pillow Pet, but the one he wants isn’t on so I was happy to see it on Amazon. He owes me back for it and he knows that, but I was able to order it today.
While ordering it I noticed it has at the top of the page, “Free Amazon Prime for a year for students”. I’m for that!
If you’re a student you can get free prime shipping for a year! While sadly this pillow pet didn’t have free shipping a LOT of stuff on there does, it has to come from Amazon or a preferred seller or something. WOO!

If you’re not a student they have a trial of prime too. Never hurts to click and look. I’m jazzed about my free year of Prime. I’m getting my MBA from University of Phoenix, likely class of 2013 there. :)

If you are ordering from Amazon please come to my site first, I get credit for the purchase that way and I’ll love you forever. :)

Got it for $24.95 and shipping so $30. I got my daughter’s at CVS last week with a $5 off $15 coupon so I’ll take the price of both and divide by two. $45/2 = $22.50 or so per kid isn’t too bad. They’re paying me back and I wanted them to be able to buy them from their chore money so they would keep being motivated.

We got that one. He’s been doing chores and has a VERY lose tooth so I expect him to have the money for it this weekend and it says it will be here early September.


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