Disclosure: I received a copy of The Study Bible for Women to facilitate the review. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of BHPublishing.

Today we have the opportunity to review The Study Bible for Women in Teal/Sage LeatherTouch

The Study Bible for Women side

The Study Bible for Women is published by BHPublishing (twitter @BHpub).

The Study Bible for Women Silver

The look and feel:

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box of the new Bible was that it had a silver edge to the pages, as opposed to the gold edge of Bibles that I’d had in the past. I love the new modern silver page look and I think I check it out each time I pick the new Bible up. I loved the look of it so much I took a photo for you to see how the silver shines.

When I opened the pages up I was happy to say this felt like my old Bible. My old one was a King James / New Living Translation dual print that I won in a pageant when I was in Kindergarten. I’ve had a few others over the years, but I always came back to my original Bible for the feel and familiarity, even though most churches that I’ve attended don’t use the King James or the New Living Translation. It does make following along and sometimes the reading is cumbersome as KJV has a lot more of the “Thee and Thou” type speak. I had to look up what HCSB translation was and I found a lot of good information on biblegateway.com on the HCSB. According to Biblegateway.com

The Study Bible for Women page

The Goals of This Translation

  • to provide English-speaking people across the world with an accurate, readable Bible in contemporary English
  • to equip serious Bible students with an accurate translation for personal study, private devotions, and memorization
  • to give those who love God’s word a text that is easy to read, visually attractive on the page, and appealing when heard
  • to affirm the authority of the Scriptures as God’s inerrant word and to champion its absolutes against social or cultural agendas that would compromise its accuracy

I like how there’s boxes inside the chapters for deeper study, for questions about what you’ve just read, for further clarification as well. I suppose that’s what makes it a study Bible and not just a regular text only print. I like the deeper thoughts and explanations presented in this book.

The Study Bible for Women side

If you’re a Christian then  you already know the Bible is the true & flawless word of God.

If you’re not a Christian and are wondering what would be a good starting place for reading, check out what’s known as “The Gospels” (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) as they tell the story of Jesus. They tell the miracles He performed, the stories He told, and they offer the plan of salvation. If what you read stirs more questions, seek the guidance of a preacher or another Christian who may be able to help you with your questions.

If you feel like you have a hole in your life that only God can fill, then you can pray to ask Jesus into your heart. Just admit you’re a sinner and ask Him to help guide you in life.

I like how my Bible review became a chance to let Jesus into your heart, but hey – it’s a Bible review…you know there was a good chance I’d get there too.

ME reading The Study Bible for Women

If you’re looking for a new study Bible for women – it’s worth a look. You can find this Bible at most book sellers like in both Leather or Hardcover. There’s teal and pink options. Swing by a Lifeway and thumb through one to see if you like it. They’re likely cheaper at Amazon, but you can support your local Christian bookstore if that would make you feel better.

I’ll leave you with a photo of me enjoying my new Bible and the press release about this new version. I was able to give a copy to a friend as part of this review. Unlike random giveaways, they wanted me to share it with a real-life friend and I gave it to my friend Ursula. Ursula was excited to get it as she was looking to upgrade her college study Bible to one for Women – awesome how that worked out. Thanks BHPublishing!

**The Press Release about the new Bible states a lot more of the features:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 7, 2013) – B&H Publishing Group will release The Study Bible for Women, the most comprehensive study Bible for women by women ever prepared, this February. Created by a team of more than a dozen scholars, this extensive study Bible will help its readers dig deeper into God’s Word and apply it to daily life. The all-women team of scholars was led by General Editor Dr. Dorothy Patterson and Managing Editor Dr. Rhonda Kelley.

The Study Bible for Women includes extensive commentary notes, doctrinal notes, word studies, “Answers to Hard Questions” notes, articles on Biblical womanhood, character profiles, “Written on My Heart” applications, extensive introductions for each book of the Bible, and in-text maps, charts and timelines. Ideal for personal use or to give as a gift, this beautiful Bible also features presentation pages, full-color maps and a concordance.

Dr. Dorothy Patterson is Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a homemaker, popular speaker, writer, editor, and compiler of numerous books. She is co-editor of the two-volume Women’s Evangelical Commentary. Her husband, Dr. Paige Patterson, is president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Rhonda Harrington Kelley is Adjunct Professor of Women’s Ministry at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, LA, where her husband, Dr. Charles Kelley, is the president. Rhonda is a frequent speaker and the author of numerous books and biblical commentaries, including select volumes of the Women’s Evangelical Commentary.

Bible Publisher Jeremy Howard noted, “The Study Bible for Women represents the best in scholarship and life-application from some of today’s leading teachers. It is a serious study tool that is also very accessible and relevant to everyday life, for all of the material was created by women who are scholars as well as busy professionals and homemakers.”

Selma Wilson, President of B&H Publishing Group added, “This is an extraordinary Bible that I pray will help women dig deeper into the rich beauty of Scripture. I am thankful for Dorothy and Rhonda and for their passion and commitment to supporting women in the Church.”

The Study Bible for Women features the full text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible, a trusted, original translation of God’s Word. A team of more than 100 scholars from 17 denominations pursued two ideals with every translation decision: each word must reflect clear, contemporary English and each word must be faithful to the original language of the Bible.

B&H Publishing Group, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources, is a team of mission-minded people with a passion for taking God’s Word to the world. Because we believe Every Word Matters™ we seek to provide intentional, Bible-centered content that positively impacts the hearts and minds of people, inspiring them to build a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. Our print and digital releases for the trade, church, and academic markets include The New York Times No. 1 best-sellers The Love Dare and The Vow, as well as the award-winning HCSB Study Bible.


As you recall I posted the trailer for Mom’s Night Out in mid-January. I was given the chance to view the movie the other day and I wanted to review it for you.

Mom’s Night Out is rated PG and opens nationwide May 9, 2014


The review:

I was very impressed with this movie. If you saw the trailer than you knew it was an action/adventure/comedy starring some moms with kids of all ages going out for a night of fun, but it all changes when a babysitter and a baby goes missing. I like that they didn’t leave the audience worried too very long on where the baby was – we were clued in pretty early on that all was ok, but those in the movie were frantically searching for the baby and it derailed the night out.

I loved Patricia Heaton and Trace Atkins the mosty most in the Mom’s Night Out movie. Bones (Atkins) works in a tattoo shop and though he has a rough exterior, we get to see that he’s a big teddy bear and has a heart of gold. Heaton plays a preacher’s wife who struggles with keeping her teenagers from making stupid mistakes. Sarah Drew and Andrea Logan White have young children who have so much energy, color on the walls, make huge messes – all the things that go along with toddlers and pre-school kids. It shows aspects of parenting that I’ve been through and that I’m scared will be here far too soon, but the movie itself is one of hope.

This movie was made with families in mind in that I don’t remember a curse word (possibly something in the background music at the tattoo parlor?), anything overtly sexual (well a pregnancy test does show up, but much was said about it), no nudity, nothing. I can happily recommend this to all of my friends and family without counting the bad words for a report. I have a preacher and a preacher’s wife in the family and I’m always very aware of the language and whether I’d let my kids watch something too. There’s no reason that I can remember to not let my kids watch this if they want to. While it is really marketed toward moms for a mom’s night out, it would work out well as a date movie too. I am pretty confidant that my husband would have left saying something about how it was more action than he expected.

In the end they find the baby, everyone comes to grip with the hand they are dealt, and everyone is learning how to find their happiness. It ends with a positive note and made all in the audience clap in appreciation for the movie screening. Thanks for the great movie with the great message! This comes out right before mother’s day and I would recommend it for a mom’s night out because those are the ones who will laugh and cry at their own lives being shown on the screen and leave with some hope!


The nationwide Kids Bowl Free and the local Franklin Jaymar Family Entertainment centers have opened their summer 2014 registration for free bowling!

First the more local to Nashville, TN and Franklin, TN bowling option: Jaymar FEC.

Sign up today for the JayMarFEC Incredibowl

*A FREE game of bowling every day April 15 – August 31st for all youth that sign up.
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To get the good times rolling on your FREE spring and summer of bowling the Parent or Guardian must fill out ALL of the information below. Once we verify your valid e-mail address you will receive your membership cards and you can “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL” in JayMarFEC’s IncredaBOWL!

You pick Franklin or Tusculum lanes (off Nolensville Rd) for these coupons.

kids bowl free

Nationwide: Many Kids Bowl Free centers are now open for the 2014 registration!!

Get registered today so you don’t forget and you can take advantage of the FREE bowling games starting soon. *Visit www.KidsBowlFree.com today. If your center’s registration page is not yet open you can get on the notification list and we’ll email you as soon as they open up.

If you feel like letting them know that I told you about it, please enter my email riki@crazyforadeal.com in the referred by field. I would like them to keep telling us when this goes live each year! Thanks so much!! Have fun!


*Oh and once you register they will give you the option to upgrade to the family pass. This is not required, but it is a good deal if you think you’ll go often.

The Family Pass allows for 2 GAMES of bowling per day, per adult family member, up to 4 family members all summer long! This one-time payment of $24.95 is great for older siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and even a babysitter. Spend time with your children at the center this summer and have a blast. The family pass can only be used while bowling with the children.

Enter the names of four adults to receive free bowling games on your family pass. This registration is for adults only, your children are already enrolled. You will need to add at least one name to the family pass now, however you may add up to three (3) additional names to the family pass at anytime. Once the names are on the family pass they cannot be changed.


2014 Regal Summer Movie Express – movies announced!!

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Just Don’t Go – a traffic guy’s Frozen Parody

Memphis and Nashville are in the throws of an ice storm. Brrr!!! We’re in the south and it’s March, so let’s have all the snow and freezing stuff that’s missed us all year. I saw this and wanted to share! While my daughter would love daddy doing this at home, if he uploaded it to [...]

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Minion Cupcakes this year for Chee’s 8th birthday!

Every year I try to make at least one homemade birthday treat for my kids. Some years they want a cake, other years it’s cupcakes, and sometimes even a cookie cake. This year Chee wanted an ice cream cake for her main party cake, but I have never made an ice cream cake and was [...]

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Kids Creation: A Rainbow Loom Snake!

The kids have a new obsession: rainbow loom creations! They already loved making bracelets and rings, but my kids are still finding reasons to use their rainbow looms daily. I’m glad they’re off the electronics and using their hands to create something. It’s good for dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and patience. The kids are so proud [...]

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Confession: I can’t do this anymore.

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have felt some convictions lately and feel that I should share them. When I started this blog, it was to share a few deals with a few friends. I would be bragging about my 50 cent boxes of cereal or my 75% off trendy [...]

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Mom’s Night Out Movie – coming May 9, 2014 (watch the trailer)

Have you seen the new movie coming out in May? It’s called Mom’s Night Out and you must watch the movie trailer below. I love when the Sarah Drew (Kepner from Grey’s Anatomy) says, “Tell me it’s all gonna’ be ok.” Then Patricia Heaton (mom from The Middle) says, “It’s all gonna’ be ok, just give it [...]

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